Tradition, territory and grape varieties

The decision to choose the local historical varieties, deep seated in this area, responds to the wish to enhance and give proper expression to the natural wine-growing vocation of Castiglione in Teverina and its surroundings.

The territory, enclosed in the complex of the volcanic origin of the Volsini mountains with tuffaceous land, very fertile minerals, reddish, offers in this area a particular colour variations that shows the presence of different minerals, somewhere darker and more intense, somewhere else sandy and lighter.
An articulated mix of characters that makes these soils particularly interesting for viticulture.
Next to these vines, that have always been dialoguing with our lands, we have introduced international varieties, which have been able to build over time a new relationship with these places giving life to original inflections and renewing themselves in comparison to their original terroir.

Terrae volcani di Trappolini

Canaiolo Nero
E' una piacevole sorpresa gustare in assolo questo vino solitamente abituato ad essere nel coro.
the bouquet is characterized by spicy notes with strong hints of black pepper. Very fresh palate and vertical in the acid notes, mineral and persistent. The tannins are ripe and barely perceptible. Spicy notes in the aftertaste; clean and slightly acidic mouth.
excellent with seafood, with white meats, but also with medium seasoned cheeses and blue-cheese
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