Over three generations in our family have been cultivating the land in this area, on the border between Lazio and Umbria, but it was our father Mario who established the Trappolini winery in 1961.
Thenceforth the knowledge in the vineyards, the attention, the cares for the vines and the passion for this craft, were handed down from father to son, day by day, in the daily work side by side. Ancient gestures and sapience became a tradition and are now the basis of the way to be winemakers.
To all this we add today a deeper awareness about wine and a constant attention to technological innovations.
I CRU di Trappolini

Wine for the palate seduction, full and rich, that hold the patient sweetness of the raisins.
delicate bouquet with intense fruit flavor and deep rosehip notes; rich taste, with harmonic and sweet body and long lasting aftertaste.
ideal with pastries or in the fine match with bitter chocolate; intriguing with seasoned blue-cheeses
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